Adult Study Hall by ADHD reWired
Adult Study Hall by ADHD reWired
Eric Tivers

Welcome to Adult Study Hall by ADHD reWired

Increasing productivity through real-time accountability.

About Us

ADHD reWired released its first podcast in 2014, and offered its first online coaching and accountability group, later that year. If there is one thing ADHD reWired believes in more than anything else, it's the power of community and connection to make real, meaningful change. By bringing growth-minded adults with ADHD together, we know that we can do hard things, and you don't need to do them in the hardest way possible. 

About our founder

Eric Tivers, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) has ADHD. Loves podcasting, pickleball, frisbee golf, playing piano, and seeing live music. 

Does it really work?

Well, if you sign up, and then don't actually log in, then nope, definitely not. 

But, If you've ever used a body double (proven ADHD strategy to increase focus where you have someone with you working on their own stuff), and you've found that helpful, then yeah, you'll probably find that this works. 

Or, if you work better when around others, or if you're at a coffee shop, or if you let someone else know what you're working on... if any of those things tend to help you, then we think you're going to love ASH. 

But, will it work for you? There is only one way to find out. Try it. If you don't love it, cancel it. There are no long-term commitments.

ASH 24/7

ASH 24/7 is our primary Zoom room where people work. You can hop in any time, or add yourself to our events calendar to let people know you're going to be in there and what you're going to be working on. 


ASH+ session are one the of the best parts of your membership, and we'd highly encourage you to try an ASH+ session within your first week. ASH+ sessions have a facilitator. There are number of them each week. Each having a different focus. Most of them are 2 hours long. We'll be adding more session for every 50 members that join. 

We imagine...

We imagine that this community will grow to thousands of members. While we're still in the early days, we are so excited to grow this community and to offer all kinds of ways to support members of the ADHD community in a a really affordable way. Thanks for giving us a try.